Understanding Water

A Deeper, Clearer Understanding of Natural Water Systems
to Improve Design and Management of Any Water System

A collaborative information exchange
with a diversity of water stakeholders in a beautifully functioning wild natural ecosystem

Friday, March 28th 2008, 9am-4pm San Jose Creek
(15 minutes from Santa Barbara on San Marcos Pass)

Produced by Art Ludwig and Amanda Sarkis of Oasis Design, Adam Green of SBCC Center for Sustainability, and Mark Tollefson of The Wilderness Youth Project.


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Get out of the office/lab and join us at the creek to:

We see this as a step towards the development of a scientifically grounded, integrated design process for evaluating and implementing the most appropriate, sustainable infrastructure in our coastal community.



By invitation to a diverse cross section of local water movers and shakers...if you'd like to nominate someone please let us know.

Please  Email us  an RSVP, carpool info, or questions, or call Amanda at 967-9956


When & Where

Friday March 28th 2008, 8:50am-5pm, San Jose Creek. We will meet at 8:50am at the Oasis office. It is a ten minute walk to the creek from our office, five minutes of which is on a steep trail. We'll also walk slowly up the creek a short distance.

It is important that you arrive before 9 am as we'd like to start the experience as a complete group—and besides, if you don't walk down with us you may never find us.


If the interest level warrants, we can meet again Friday April 4th, to interpret the water tests we take the 28th and follow up on anything else we wish to.

How much


(If you feel moved to donate something or can write us a check off an expense account we certainly won't turn it down)

To bring


Helpful Preparation

We'll approach the topic from a wide range of perspectives: hydrologist, ecologist, microbiologist, plant physiologist, chemist, economist, business person, backpacker... If you can track across this whole spectrum you'll get the most out of it.

The more of the background info below you understand (or have been exposed to) before coming, the more you'll get out of the day. In a short time you could glance at every document.

Some of these things are pay-per-downloads from our catalog. If this would prevent you from reading them for whatever reason, please download them free from this temporary site.


This stuff is worth reading all the way through:

This stuff will add more depth if you can scan or read any of it:


This agenda can be adapted to the group's preference, in particular the amount of time spent in the water testing snapshot.

Water Awareness


Understanding Water

Water Testing


Group Directed Discussion

Topics could include, for example



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