Employment/ Housing Application


Thank you for your time.


Name:_______________________Today's date:_____________


Length of time at this address:________

Tel(s):______________________ Hrs to call:__________

Please list your last three places of employment:

Employer/city Position From--Until Supervisor's name & phone number










Are you working now? __________Present occupation:_________________________

What date would you be available to begin work?_____________________________ What work hours would you consider ideal?______

Are you seeking short term or long term work? For what time frame?_______________

What are your starting and eventual pay expectations?___________________________

Would you like to live here? ____ Would you like to eat lunch or all meals here?______

If you want to live here, would you want other people to live here with you? e.g., kid(s) w/ ages, partner _____

Are you able or wildly enthusiastic to commute by bicycle from town to here or here to town (1400' elevation gain, about an hour and a half going up)_______ Do you have a car?_____


Please describe your webmaster experience:



Please describe your editing/ proofreading/ writing/ page layout experience:



Please describe your marketing experience:



Please describe your education (college/vocational courses/life experience):



What experience do you have with ecological design?



Skill inventory

Please describe your proficiency and/or relevant experience in the areas of : (Note: we don't expect you to know how to do all of these things!)

Computers (Mac? IBM?)
Word processing (ms word)
Typing speed?_______(wpm)
Graphics (hand/ illustrator)
Presentations (power point)
Page layout (InDesign)
Photo retouching (photoshop)
Scanning (photoshop)
Web design/authoring (dreamweaver)
Technical drawing
Customer service
Business administration
Ecological design
Water systems/plumbing
Rainwater harvesting
Composting toilets
Natural building


Do you have any physical or emotional condition which might be a factor in the choice of your specific job, i.e., can't lift a 40 lb box of books or handle or high stress? Please describe:


How would you describe your life vision?



Any additional comments or questions?


References (Note: if you are filling out this application early in our contact, we can wait on references if you prefer. If the fit looks promising, we can provide you with references for working/ living with us, as well). Name, phone, e mail, context in which they know you/ your work...



I hereby authorize Oasis to contact my previous employers and references for the purpose of obtaining information relating to my suitability for this position.





Live together questions

Please fill out if you are interested in living at the oasis house

Your prefereces for--

Sharing food?
Organic food?
Vegetarian/ other diet?
Do you drink?
Do you have stuff which needs storing?
Do you have a car?
Are you allergic to cats?
Do you have a pet?



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