Cooling Tower Water - Reuse of, Contamination In

Subject: Contamination in reused cooling tower water
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001
From: Art Ludwig

JA11CLARK© wrote:
> More study may be required on recommending the use of
> cooling tower water, evaporative cooler water, or air
> conditioning drip water. Diseases such as Legionella
> have been associated with these types of systems.
> ASHRAE, the American Society of Air Conditioning
> Engineers (I believe the website is, has some
> publications regarding Legionella and cooling tower
> water treatment. I believe that the vast quantities of
> air (with their associated viruses, bacteria, and
> pathogens) that pass over the aforementioned equipment
> coupled with the water standing for long periods of
> time result in "brews" similar to those you highlight in
> long standing storage.
> Jim

Thanks for writing.

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