Houseboat Greywater in Australia

Subject: Houseboat greywater in Australia
Date: Fri, 04 May 2001
From: Art Ludwig
To: Michael Manou <michaelmanou©>

Michael Manou from South Australia writes:
> My question relates to houseboats which are prevalent
> along Australia's dominant river system, the Murray-
> Darling. There are holding tanks for black water on these
> boats, however there are no holding facilities for grey
> water. Do you have, or know of any design which can hold
> grey water on houseboats and either store it for disposal
> elsewhere, or treat it before discharging it back into a
> freshwater system?
> Cheers.

A tank like the greywater tank in RV's should work fine for
storage on a houseboat. As for treatment...that's a bit
trickier. It would either have to be a complicated and
expensive mechanical system, or a biological system, such
as a mini-constructed wetland towed along with the boat.
Either way, this is not something I have direct experience
with or have heard about.
Good luck!

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