Trying to Determine Greywater Legality in San Diego

Subject: Trying to determine gw legality in San Diego
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000
From: Art Ludwig <Oasis Design>

>Hi. I am interested in greywater systems. Before I purchase your books I am
> trying to find out if grey water systems are legal here in the City of San
> Diego. Do you know?? So far, all the agencies I keep getting referred to
> don't know... Help? Monte Murbach - mmurbach©

see error: relying on government agencies for greywater information on our
web site below...
I'm only partly kidding. I actually don't know either; it is impossible to
keep up with. I believe the current state law makes greywater legal unless
local jurisdictions specifically act to forbid it. The text of the state law
is included in our  Builder's GW Guide-book in its entirety.
If you're not doing this as part of otherwise inspected new construction or
remodeling, you can save a great deal of headache by skipping the permit and
just doing something which makes sense. If you're going to have to have the
thing inspected, where the rubber really meets the road is with your
inspector. Ask them. If they say it is illegal, ask for the identity of the
local law which supersedes the state law. Even if greywater is "legal," the
inspector must exercise some of the wide discretion granted to them by the law
in your favor or you won't be able to do anything which makes sense. Be very
nice to them.
All this is discussed in greater detail in the books.
Good luck with your project.

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