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Greywater is Green

Lectures by Art Ludwig

Thursday afternoon, 24 Feb, for participants

in the Xeriscape Conference

Albuquerque Convention Center


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Greywater Collection Plumbing

Workshop by Art Ludwig

For Plumbers, Contractors and Landscapers

Saturday • February 26, 2005 • 9:00am-12:00pm,
Albuquerque Convention Center

$40— Registration Deadline: February 18, 2005

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Beautiful permaculture garden irrigated with branched drain gray water systemGreywater is Green

Lectures by Art Ludwig

Why pollute waterways with wastewater and nutrients, when they can irrigate and feed plants?

Systems for reusing washwater in the landscape can provide superior treatment, save water, and save money.

Reuse of greywater for irrigation is part of a fundamental solution to many ecological problems.

With recent legal changes that allow Greywater systems to be installed without a permit application, New Mexico and Arizona are in the forefront of the Greywater revolution.

This presentation will explain:


Greywater Collection Plumbing

Workshop for Plumbers, Contractors and Landscapers

Recent changes to the greywater regulations in Arizona and New Mexico have opened the door for professional installation of greywater systems.

This workshop is focused on the design and installation of greywater collection plumbing from the fixtures in the home to six feet outside of the house.

It is designed for plumbers and people who work with plumbers.


Workshop objectives:

1) Plumbers attending improve their ability to design and install greywater collection plumbing that:

2) Attendees who work with plumbers on multiple greywater systems can support them to achieve the objectives above

3) The state of the art in this new field be advanced by exchange of our respective knowledge and experiences (Art Ludwig is a world expert on greywater but does not know as much as attendees will know about plumbing, New Mexico plumbing codes, or the New Mexico climate).


Greywater distribution plumbing (from just outside the house to the plants) and all other greywater topics, will only be discussed insofar as they relate to greywater collection plumbing.

It is highly recommended that workshop participants attend the free lecture preceding the workshop for an orientation to the broader context of greywater, as this information won't be covered again in the workshop.

The workshop will include:

Time permitting, we will discuss:

Questions will follow the class.

The class handout includes:

Participants are encouraged to

There will be books on greywater (see below), diverter valves and Flow splitters (hardware) available for purchase.

Suggested reading & preparation for Greywater Collection Plumbing workshop

The more you've prepared for the workshop, the more we'll all get out of it. Since there is a lot of material to cover in a short time, it will be assumed that participants have already read this key background:

Create an Oasis with Grey Water book cover.
Branched drain gray water system guide book cover
Washing dishes in a creek with sand

The last two items relate to information helpful for designing your particular system. Please write down and bring background information and plans for a system you'd like to build yourself—with luck, your system context and design will get reviewed and improved in class.

Optional further reading:

Suggested background reading for Greywater is Green lecture

The more you've read before the lecture, the more you'll get out of it. Here's a list of suggested reading, in descending order of importance:

Optional further reading:

Registration for Xeriscape conference or Greywater Collection Plumbing

Registration and additional information:
Scott Varner/Exec Director
Xeriscape Council of NM Inc
scott at

Registration deadline is February 18, 2005.


About the instructor

Ecological Systems Designer and Greywater Guru Art Ludwig has probably paid more attention to Greywater systems the past fourteen years than anyone else on the planet.

He’s written three books and numerous articles on Greywater systems, developed several new system designs, and consulted with New York and New Mexico on their Greywater laws. He’s also worked on water and wastewater systems in twenty two countries around the world.